“My sister was always worried for her 10 years daughter and 5 years son. These two kids were two opposite poles. Daughter extreme quite and shy while son hyper active who cant sit quite for a minute. Being in many social work project together with Ms Binita ;once I asked her whether her Gurukripa Midbrain Program can help such kids. Her positive reply changed our kids. This Program revealed a confident and jolly Shreya and a cool Soyam with a high intuition power. I am noticing many more positive changes in their studies and day to day behavioral pattern. Thank You Gurukripa MidBrain Centre. I have decided to take Franchise of Gurukripa MidBrain Center to help more of worried parents .”

Anu Das,Social Worker

“I remember my brother being an adolescent who was fussy and lazy. He would always try to escape paths that were full of bumpy rides. He always wanted to have his way the easy way around. He was confused, perplexed with anger issues and would often keep himself away from blending in with the crowd. But I would really thank God for sending Binita Dee in the correct time of our lives, especially my brother’s life, to help him out of his problems. Whenever I see him now, I see a person who has improved a lot. He has developed his ways of socializing, he has indulged himself in studies and has fallen in love with his guitar again. He is a confident goal-oriented boy now. I am and will always be grateful with heartfelt regards to Binita Dee for letting him being the change he needs to be..”

Poushali Sen , M.sc student

“My son Uttkarsh 10 yrs had lack of concentration due to which there was always a chances of loosing my temper during his study. Such episodes left a feeling of guilt as being a soldier I meet my family for few months in a year. To enroll my son for Gurukripa MidBrain workshop was a best decision as my son has improved memory and concentration now.

Uttam Sharma, Government Employee

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