MidBrain Activation Technique

It is a technique that is used to Activate the MidBrain. The purpose MBA is to unleash the child potential through the activation of MidBrain. Gurukripa MBA Centre conducts brain enrichment Workshop for children through the use of modern technology and advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress-free environment in human Brain development. We are making breakthroughs in awakening the human mind. The Programs are deeply experiential. Children participate in physical, emotional and cognitive exercises, as well as postures, breathing techniques, guided imagery and games designed to improve sensory awareness, motor control, balance, emotional regulation, attention, imagination and creativity.

Children are taught how to garner their concentration power during the workshop as this is a vital exercise to strengthen their mental power. This skill may sound supernatural (to read with their mind, not eyes!), but it is merely a form of brain ability that we possess. Workshop stimulates and motivates children’s mind to achieve:

  • Improved memory power
  • Enhanced concentration power
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • More articulate thinking style and sharper mind
  • Stress management during revision and homework.

Once MidBrain is awakened, your child starts to ‘See’ and ‘Read’ blind-folded,  your child’s hidden potential will be unleashed one by one. If your brain is able to be trained to enter this condition, you will even be able to do speed reading (reading a book, 1 page in 1 second), even more: with the book positioned upside down! So, the capability of blindfold, speed reading, faster memorization, and better concentration can be achieved if our brain successfully enters the genius condition.

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