Benefits of MidBrain Process

Once the ‘MidBrain’ is activated, children will have easy access to both the left and right brain. They will be able to Learn, Read and memorize things in a much faster speed and thus boosting their confidence, interest and concentration in learning.

  • Super IQ
  • Bring out their hidden human possibilities
  • Speed Learning
  • Enhance well-balanced development of the body and mind
  • Multiple Languages Mastery
  • Superb Intuition
  • Nurture sharp sensitivity
  • Creative Talent
  • Photographic memory
  • Live on the principle of universal love and harmony
  • Contribute to society with a sense of oneness
  • Computer Calculation Speed
  • Enter into the ‘Peak Learning State’
  • Enhancing child’s concentration, memory and level of confidence.
  • Enhances Right Brain Memory
  • Sharpens Focus
  • Removes Energy Blocks
  • Eliminates Procrastination
  • Reduces Stress Levels
  • Constructs Emotional Stability
  • Deepens Intuition
  • Stimulates Imagination & planning

Abilities of Midbrain Activation

  • Coloring: The children color a picture without overriding the boundary line.
  • Identifying color: The children are given small plastic Ball and asked to identify its color.
  • Guess a UNO card: The children are requested to guess a UNO card’s color, Number Etc.
  • Reading a newspaper’s headline. The text read is the one with large characters.
  • Walking with eyes closed. You may create obstacle using some plastic bottles and place it on the floor, making a line. The children must walk through the bottles without hitting them
  • Cycling while eyes closed.
  • Guessing ball`s color kept in a closed box.
  • Wherever necessary, you may conduct another test based on a child’s hobby like playing Cricket, basketball, table tennis, carom board, chess game, Rubik’s cube, karate and much more.

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