About Midbrain

The midbrain is a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision..

Human Brain

Human Brain has more then one trillions brain cells which has capacity to do ineradicable things even powerful than..

Benefits of MidBrain

Once the ‘MidBrain’ is activated, children have easy access to both the left and right brain.

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About GuruKripa MidBrain Activation Centre

Gurukripa is a dream of Binita Lepcha who believes that everyone posses special quality and talent but due to lack of guidance we are unable to bring that special gift out. When she came to know about Midbrain Activation Programme in year 2012, she devout her 3 years to learn it. Her experience of volunteering in different kids projects helps her a lot to understand child psychic and enable her to teach each child as per their requirement.She strongly accept that children are our Future and we should bear our share of responsibility to make our future “The Best”.

Being a Motivator & Healer she started this center with Mission-:

  • To bring positive change in people and make them feel the bliss of life.
  • Spread this message that if our intention is good for this world, Everything is Possible through Self confidence and prayer.

Further, Each child has full potential to develop as a successful and a happy human being, provided they get right environment and their talents are judiciously explored. Present education system and teaching methodologies rarely take into account the individuality of the child. The curriculum itself focuses more on the Left Brain enhancement rather than the holistic development of the complete brain.

Gurukripa ensures to uncover the raw potential in every talented individual, by employing their brain development program  commonly known as  midbrain activation. We strive to learn and share abundant knowledge that could help each individual rise above normal and do wonders with the hidden powers they carry within.

Our training have ensured that each of our Midbrain activation franchise is successful. We offer a flat yearly fees for our Midbrain activation franchisee with zero royalty.

So give your kids the opportunity of a lifetime and enroll in the Midbrain training program to find Genius in them.

MidBrain Activation Programe

Course Duration: 3 Months

2 Days workshop

11 follow-up sessions

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